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Thousands of people have now used the CFD calculators to help them make more informed trades and help with CFD risk management. We hope from this knowledge that they make more consistent results, use a structured system and therefore have more profits over time. Now you have instant access to the key calculators when you want it, how you want it to make your own CFD trading more profitable.

Remember, professional traders spend years reading, learning, trialling and then improving their trading formula, and here you are getting all the key formulae delivered to you and available to modify as you wish, as you need. You would probably make the investment back in an hour or two of normal work and this will help lead you to a lifestyle of trading, hopefully as an accomplished trader as you develop your skills and mental clarity. You do need all the basics though and knowing your risk management is key so don't delay and buy the CFD Calculator to help grow, reduce CFD risk and prosper.

What others say ..

Thanks for this great tool. I can see you have put some work into it. It has some excellent features and well worth the dollars spent. Well done. From Steve in Sydney

Thanks for the CFD Calculator. I've been trying to create something like this on Excel myself for a few months, without success! It's a great program which simplifies my trading! From Ian in Singapore

Great work. I spend more than the cost of the calculator in brokerage on just one trade and you have now saved me many times from making mistakes when I'm under pressure so thanks again. From Julie in New York

I fully endorse the money management calculators you use and wish every trader would start with this thinking rather than only end up here after they have wasted many thousands in time and money. From Brian at www.CFDSurvivalguide.com

You can buy the full working version and formulae valued at A$149.99. Considering the hours of experience, reading, coding and writing that's an absolute bonus and great leverage of time. How long will it take you to make this back in trading or more importantly, how much money will it save you through understanding money management better?

Bonus offer and discount this month, save $100

Because many new traders lose most of their money first, then they start to value an education and tools like this calculator, I am prepared to 'pay it forward' as they say and offer you the calculator for a $100 saving and throw in some bonuses to help you on your way. I have been there myself in the early days and lost thousands through my own naivety and trying to save every dollar before I finally had to invest in the right tools to help me go forward. I know your pain and how illogical it is in hindsight. I trust that you have learnt the lesson and can start following a system, methodology and be true to it and for this you get rewarded.

This month, right now, you can have the calculator and bonuses for only A$49.99

You are getting great value and a money back guarantee. Just use the secure PayPal facility buttons below and I will provide all 10 calculators for only A$49.99, (US$47, GBP £24 or EUR30 approx) and I'll email you 'My top 10 tips for trading safely with CFDs', a 'CFD Provider comparison table' and '3 personally selected articles on trading' that I find particularly relevant for all traders. I have even negotiated to include a free chapter from the excellent www.cfdsurvivalguide.com titled 'Survival strategy #2 - Know your portfolio leverage and stick within your chosen maximum range'. All of this is yours free when you buy the calculator.

Payment security. Just in case you didn't know, PayPal is the global leader in online payments; it's owned by EBay and offers secure and protected transactions for you while none of your details are disclosed to any recipient. You don�t even need to setup a PayPal account; you can just pay through them using your credit card. PayPal act as the intermediary and have strict security so rest assured your details are always safe.

If you purchased Peter Mathers book 'Trading CFDs in Today's Market' and have the Unique Code mentioned on the inside back cover, select the second order button and add the code into the comments section when you pay to receive the additional discount compliments of him. For you it's only A$39.99.

We wish you good trading and suggest you buy now before it goes back to A$149.99

In summary, here's what you get:

The product

All 10 calculators in excel format for you to use offline as and when required, plus:

  • All the footnotes and examples that go with it
  • You can save individual work sheets for cross referencing
  • You can create additional worksheets as you personally require for notes and past trades
  • You can modify the formulae yourself allowing for any other variables you want
  • You can modify the background, colours and format to suit your own needs and style (but please don�t resell it)
  • You get quicker results and aren't reliant on internet speed or its nuances
  • The bonuses including a free chapter from www.cfdsurvivalguide.com titled 'Survival strategy #2 - Know your portfolio leverage and stick within your chosen maximum range'.
  • You receive all of this and my 100% money back guarantee so if it's not what I say, you get your money back, no questions asked.

Guarantee: If you are not 100% happy with the product once received, return it within 90 days with your pledge not to copy or distribute it and I'll give you your money back. To date I have not had one single calculator returned because it's that good.

Make the payment now via credit card using Paypals secure server and you will be up and running in no time.

A$49.99 payment
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*If you purchased Peter Mathers book 'Trading CFDs in Todays Market', add the Unique Code on the inside back cover into the textbox to receive the additional 20% off to be $39.99.
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